TERMS AND CONDITIONS (South African Communication Union) SACU:

A: Standard Declaration
I warrant that the information provided to the Union (SACU) (South African Communication Union) in connection with the application, whether in my own handwriting or not, is true and correct.
I, the undersigned, hereby declare:
• That all the information that I give, whether telephonic, electronic or written, will form part of the application.
• That to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information provided in connection with this application whether in my own hand writing or not, is true and I have not withheld any material
fact which are known to me.
• That I understand that this is a union membership fees.
• I waive any rights of privacy and consent to the disclosure of any information relevant to claims concerning me or any dependent. I also acknowledge that information provided by me
may be verified against other legitimate sources or databases.
• That I specifically consent to South African Communication Union, to provide my details to any of their Service Providers be it for payment or marketing purposes.
• That if the Union accepts this application, it will be on condition that there is no important change to the facts that I disclosed, and upon which this application is based and accepted.
If there has been such a change I must inform the Union within 30 days of the occurrence in order to reassess the risk to the union.
• I will familiarize myself with all the terms and conditions of the Union and the constitution and May contact the Administrator for clarification should anything be unclear.
• That this consent is to remain in force after my death.

B: Authorization to Bank
I/we hereby request and authorize you or your authorized agent to draw against my/our bank account with the abovementioned bank or any bank/branch to which we to which
we may transfer my/our account the amount necessary for the monthly premium due in respect of the abovementioned membership. All such withdrawal from such my/our bank account
shall be treated by you as though they have been signed by me/us personally.
I/we agree to pay the bank charges in connection with these instructions and the cost thereof in accordance with South African clearing bank tariff in force at the time.

I/we understand that the withdrawals hereby will be processes by the computer details of each withdrawal will be reflected on my/our bank statement or the accompanying voucher
and the obligation to ensure that you receive my/our monthly premiums stays with me/us, despite this debit order which is granted to you.

I/we undertake to satisfy myself/ourselves from time to time that the amount necessary for payment of the monthly premium due in respect of the abovementioned membership is duly drawn
by you in term of this debit order authorization in no ways places any onus on you to ensure that the monthly withdrawals of the amount referred to herein are made.
This authorization shall be in full force and fully effective until it is cancelled by me/us by giving you 30 days’ written notice by registered post.
but I/we understand that I/we shall not be entitled to any refund Of any amount that you have withdrawn while this authority was in force,
unless I/we can prove that any such amounts were not legally owing to you. Receipt of this notice by you shall be regarded as receipt of the notice by my/our bank.

C: Important terms and conditions of this Application
I understand and agree that:
• To qualify for benefits under the funeral Benefit of the Union SACU (South African Communication Union), I must be a paid up member, on death of any of my dependents or myself.
• Benefits of the Union will commence on the 1st day of the calendar month for which the union accepts my application for membership and have received my first premium.
• The Membership Fees may be changed annually, after the Union has given me 30 days’ notice. If I do not pay my premiums in full, I will not be covered.
• In terms of the Union Benefits, the following is applicable:

SACU understands becoming a mother is not only a Blessing but also carries certain financial worries. Therefore SACU is willing to give a helping hand.
For any further information regarding this benefit contact SACU Head Office on 086 100 7228.

Family Assistance Benefits (FAB)
The Family Assistance Benefit also offers claims assistance, to help with completing claims forms and claims procedures.
All these services are available to the member and immediate family including spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law.
All services are provided through the Call Centre 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
On bereavement, we assist with:
• Repatriation, to ensure the deceased is safely returned home for burial
• Funeral assistance, to help with funeral arrangements for the deceased
• Legal advice, in the form of legal assistance provided by admitted attorneys
• Bereavement counseling, in the form of face-to-face counseling services for support and adviceOn trauma such as rape, we assist with:
• Trauma, assault and HIV protection
• Emergency Medical Services.
• Funeral Benefits
Member:R20 500.00
Spouse:R20 500.00
Children 14-21 Years R20 500.00
6-13 Years R10 250.00
1-5 Years R5 125.00
0-11 months R5 125.00
Stillborn after 28 weeks R5 125.00
A spouse in terms of the policy is viewed as your life partner.
Member is covered as soon as first payment for membership is received.