Why join a union

Belonging to a union of your choice provides the ability to come together for a collective voice at the workplace, and gives working people the power to solve workplace problems, to innovate on the job, and to improve working conditions.

Collective bargaining brings democracy inside the workplace and fosters a fair, strong middle-class economy. What you never hear from is that the more unionised members there are in the company – the better-off the respective employees are.
Throughout history when unions were strong, wages went up, healthcare coverage improved, and employee’s pensions were strengthened. When unions are under attack (as they are today especially within the BCX environment) we are all in danger – our terms of employment, our jobs, our communities and our families.

Unions have in the last few years faced intense scrutiny by law and government regulations intent on weakening the unions. There is a very strong anti-union sentiment that currently exists within the business at large, which can be countered by increased union affiliation, to promote a pro-worker beneficial consensus, and firmly support the goals of providing members the means to achieve their own fair terms and objectives.

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Employees in BCX and Telkom always refer to “Why can ESKOM employees achieve, what they achieved?”.

They can achieve everything as those unions are strong through their percentage of membership support in the structures within the union. They further are prepared to sacrifice to defend their terms and conditions as well as their employment rights.

BCX indicated their intention at present clearly when they informed all the unions that they will not be deducting membership fees from the union affiliated members anymore.

As can we remember when Telkom staff moved over to BCX, the existing BCX staff indicated that they were not allowed to belong to any union before obtaining permission of the BCX HR department!! Completely and directly going against the law of the country, as every person in the country has a basic right to belong to a union of his/her choice!

Current section 197 Telkom Transferred employees can either also give up this basic right and make peace with this decision and be used as commodities with no rights to anything, by not having a union to ensure their rights are not indiscriminately trampled on as what BCX is attempting these last few years.

Some of the examples are the conflicts they are engaged on with SACU and others in the courts where we are clearly exposing their mischievous and unfair conduct in relation to minimization of the basic terms and conditions of thousands of employees in the company since the transfers from Telkom.